How Enterprise Demands are Changing Cloud Computing Environment

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Weather your enterprise is in house or through an external cloud provider, ICT (Information and communications Technologies) is driven by only two key factors which are cost pressure and market pressure.

If your company is migrating to cloud environment or in the process of migrating, there must be a specific and unique plan of cloud migration. When both the two factors cost pressure and market pressure are taken care off, there will be increased in productivity.

Today, we will try to understand what are the demands of any enterprise big or small from the cloud computing technology.

Enterprises Demands

With the increase in market and demands of any organization or company, products and skills rapidly become obsolate and outdated. These points will help you understand the problem more deeply and all the demands of enterprises from cloud computing environment.

Changing Markets

Technology around us is changind eveeryday so are products and skills. With this dynamic market where organizations fight with their competitors on one side and also with new businesses which are entering the market on other.

Porducts adn skills rapidly become obsolate resulting in eroding competetiveness. Incumbents main problem is to find new ideas and implement these ideas faster. Also, new businesses are growing faster by forging alliances with other players and  keep on extending their portfolios.

Internet has widely offered opportunities to implement new models and also integrate new stakeholders into process which is expanding with the speed that is unimaginable. You can take example of automotive industry that has brought together suppliers, dealers, OEMs and also customers close to one another.

The market and corresponding participants are changing at an unprecedented pace and so are the older softwares. New companies are entering the ring and vaue grids are constantly increasing the joint ventures.

In recent years, these phenomenas have transformed the retil industry in an unexpected way. And now the companies not only need to scale up but also must be capable to scale down when the demand and supply chanin process slows down.

This pressure is not only rising on management but also on ICT because the way business is processed by ICT is older and need to be rapidly modified to meet with new impreatives. With more dynamic business, Information and Communications Technologies also need to be dynamic.

Increasing Cost Pressure

As the competiton is incresing, prices of services and goods are also non predictabel. Sometimes you get same services at low price and sometimes at high price depending upon the requirements. On other hand the costs of power, consumption and raw materials are incresing. To master these unpredictable challenges, organizations and companies need to master their cost structure.

Cost need to be reduced which is done by staff downsizing and divestment of loss making units. The other alternative of this problem can be replacing fixed costs by alternative costs which can contribute in better cost structure significantly.

For long term flexibility, an increase in flexibility of the ICT landscapes can be beneficial as it improves liquidity. The money wchich is tied up in the form of capital investment can be used wisely and at a right place.

It should be kept in mind that these practices must not affect the quality of ICT services as high quality enhances relaibility and hereby improving competetiveness and costs.

Incresing Productivity 

Today, the line between process and technology is becoming blurred which results in ICT to become a new success factor for most of the business processes. When it comes to teamwork and collaboration, the demand rapidly increase and with the nonavailability of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) has made collaboration impossible.

The solutions need to be unique and fast along with delivering ease of use and manage. All meetings, documents, providing necessary infrastructure all need to be done at a same time to keep up with the changing technology. All these headace are not an easy task in today’s environment.

Dynamic ICT Services

It is wisely said tha Expectations are far better than reality. As expectations of any company depends on its size and industry field. Any startup must be having a complte different set of ICT services requirements than that of pharmaceuticals multinational company.

The challenges are always the same: the need to hold on the market, launch new products and services, to supply sales models or it can be making joint offerings with partners. Some of the mehtodologies which can be applied to ICT are:

  • Automation
  • Modularization
  • Standardization
  • Integrated creation of ICT services

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