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    Cloud Computing Migration Framework – A Unified Reference Model

    The promise of cloud computing is to reduce the cost and make the system scalable, robust and decreasing operational expenses by allowing organizations to buy only those resources that are necessary and when they...
    Cloud Migration Risks

    Top 5 Cloud Migration Risks | Mitigating Risks of Cloud Migraiton

    Cloud Computing has become one of the most important and crucial element if every small or big enterprise. Moving your data and applications to infrastructure-as-a-service such as AWS is a priority of all the organizations globally. One...
    Cloud migration

    Cloud Migration – A Complete Guide from Planning to Execution | SurfCloudTech

    With the introduction of Cloud Computing, Information and Technology expectations of small as well as the medium business have raised beyond measure.  Before understanding what is cloud migration and its seven steps-model of migrating to cloud, it...

    Benefits of Cloud Migration for Small and Medium Size Business

    Moving your applications or data to the cloud is the toughest decision which any organization has to take with its stakeholders. To make and intelligent decision and plan your migration strategy, some of the...
    Cloud Migration

    What is Cloud Migration? Definition from SurfCloudTech

    Cloud migration or Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the process of partially or completely shifting or deploying organization digital assets, services, and IT resources and useful applications on the public or private cloud. Cloud migration...

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